Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our website visitors and users. To help you understand the privacy policies followed on our website, a description of the personal information we collect and how we use it is provided below.

Cookies: We use cookies to store information about our visitors' preferences, to analyze traffic data based on which web pages are browsed, and to customize our page layout and content for specific browsers. A cookie is a small text file created when your browser loads a website. It is stored in your browser's cache, and when you return to that site, your browser reads the cookie and sends the stored data back to the web server. In a sense, cookies are like bookmarks.

Text stored in a cookie may be encrypted. This protects your data and ensures that other users who might have access to your computer cannot read your information stored in the cookie. It is important to understand that a cookie is not a virus, and it does not contain executable code; it's just a text file.

Use of cookies is a standard practice on nearly all modern websites. They may be used to keep you logged in as you browse from one page to the next, or to remember your site preferences. You can disable cookies in your browser, but doing so may prevent you from accessing some features on a website, or it may render the website inaccessible.

Third-Party Cookies: In addition to cookies sent by our website, third-party cookies may be sent by other websites that serve advertising and other page elements. We derive revenue to support our website from ads displayed on our pages. These ads are served by third parties, including Google and Amazon. These and other advertisers may use cookies to gauge the effectiveness of their ads and to track clicks. For example, Google uses DART cookies to serve ads to our visitors based upon their current visit to our website as well as other sites on the Internet. You may opt out of having DART cookies sent to your browser at

Advertising Partners: Our primary advertising partners include: Google, Commission Junction, Amazon, Linkshare, and Chitika. We may not serve ads from all of these services at a particular time; but we usually do serve ads from Google and Amazon. These third-party ad servers use technology in their ads and links which enable them to automatically receive your IP address. Other technologies such as cookies and Javascript may be used by ad servers to measure the effectiveness of their ads and to personalize ads displayed on our site. We do not have access to these third-party cookies, and our privacy policies do not apply to these third-party services. You can browse the privacy policies of the various ad services we use and opt out of certain practices at the following URLs:

Log Files: Most websites maintain log files. These logs contain a record of website visitors and are generated automatically by many web hosts and servers. The data contained in a log file includes visitors' Internet Protocol addresses, browser type, date and time stamps, and referring pages. Website administrators use this data to analyze web traffic trends, manage their websites, track user movements around the site, and to collect demographic information that can help website operators provide relevant content to visitors. Our website maintains log files; however, the data in these files is not linked to any personally identifiable information about you.

Policies on Children: We do not provide content or services intended for children under the age of 13. Our Terms of Use (below) prohibit users under 18 years of age from accessing our website. We do not knowingly advertise on websites that cater to children. However, it is possible that minors may bypass a website's minimum age requirement and still access a site. For this reason, parents should closely monitor the online activities of their children. We do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. If a parent believes that we have personally identifying data on a child under 13 in our database, contact us and we will make our best effort to promptly remove such data from our records.

Last Update: This Privacy Policy was last updated on March 10, 2019.

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