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If you'd like the short story I am just sad at what this game is

If you'd like the short story I am just sad at what this game is


The worst thing about this is Madden will get cheated on PC like it had been fought before. "Not enough interest." NO, it's because the game is shit, the interface is shit and it's going to be a generation behind when PS5 rolls out. Calling it at this time. Ah, EA. You somehow screw up even more than anticipated. It is almost magical. Shout out for 2MD VR Football, if you have got a VR headset and an arm you may find a Madden 21 coins pretty good sense of where sports sims may be moving. Plus it's cheap and fun.

Here's an idea... Instead of releasing bloated games which take several install patches with this monetisation, why don't you just charge the actual cost of the sport, make it perform to win and let it be. Quit working on expansion packs and bolt-on improvements and only make the game better in the first place. Now I do not even feel like purchasing video games. Do your self a favor. Find all pro football 2k8 and perform with it. I purchased an old Xbox just so I can play and upgrade the sport through user stains. You'll never play Madden again. I wish somebody would make a proper mutant league soccer game for PC. One that's actually enjoyable. The Blood Bowl games were just garbage.

But you have NBA 2K which started as a fantastic match when it was competiting with NBA Live and now that it's"the" NBA match its in precisely the exact same place as Madden is. These sport games will last to suck or be limited to being recycled duplicates with an updated roster until the licensing of the professional brands are in the hands of two or more game publishers to compete. Madden has always been trash. Was hoping 2K would return to the match. But the NFL desired EA again for some reason.

Congratulations EA you have made me feel : An overview of Madden NFL 21

If you'd like the short story I am just sad at what this game is. I have covered several sections and have them labeled but I feel so empty after enjoying this game. Long story short it's likely to be a pass for me. I recommend you all drop the $5 to play with the trial prior to purchasing.

I am not a powerful writer so forgive me for mistakes. I just have done with a couple hours of EA accessibility and after putting down my control all I can think is"how did it come to this?" I am not fond of Madden on the current console generation, however, there was always at least a very small part of me which was eager to boot it up and get the feel for a brand new year with a different changes. This season was a buy Madden nfl 21 coins void as soon as I started, before I even took a snap I knew I was in for the specific same expirence with very little or no care put into this match.