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This is fundamentally both items in my life span together and I love you

This is fundamentally both items in my life span together and I love you


Another avatar post go fuck yourselves. You know what is crazy? Despite being a runescape vid using 10 ploygons, only by looking you can know it's a liksmokey vid. Wow. I truly like your Avatar. OK today, who did this literally made me laugh. Imagine in 100 years from now when artificial intelligence can generate entire full length movies with this graphics style and artwork simply by feeding the AI a RS gold sample clip and telling it"k today make some thing similar for this". Gets me so fucking hard just thinking about it. Anyhow. Never watched Avatar but super 's cool

This is fundamentally both items in my life span together and I love you. "However, when his clan needed him , Link lost please wait - attempting to reestablish"Here really is the coolest post I have seen in this sub. I notion of the with all the elemental wizards north of port sarim. Examine the earth wizard for a super secret message. I see lil smokey I up vote. I also see avatar I up vote. Always has been. I had to rewatch this so many times. I'm so impressed . The little OSRS details are what it is all about. That surely made me moist congratulations. Can someone pay this man to earn a complete length osrs movie already!Not a lot scares me but earth nation though, all I could say is much better hope your not in the wildy when that unit walks upon you.

Runescape associated memes have more company with this sub than level 99/maxing articles

Quit deleting. By allowing 99 skill posts to the same cliche and minding these, let alone on xp weekend, then you are just enforcing the incorrect stuff. People love runescape 2007 because of its memes. They allow people be creative they enjoy. Memes are censored so that the only articles that make to see the light of day are the skilling articles and criticism articles which everyone thinks is an achievement.

Please quit deleting memes. By doing so you're deleting my pleasure and censoring the imaginative facet of this sub. Memes are enabled, Rule two will get some tweaks later. I'm with you Track. I didn't even know they got deleted but they're one of my favourite items to see. Yeah now I understand why I really don't find them that often. I didn't understand , I believed the rs3 community was just uptight in general. Apparently just this sub's mods are lol. Worst part is that it doesn't even offer a reason. Related: The two of those highly upvoted meme articles were shot down in the buy rs gold paypal previous two days.