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That's the complete for Sega's recently released F2P games

That's the complete for Sega's recently released F2P games


I've probably spent like 90-150 bucks so far on PSO2 because I purchased the sonic edition, then 30 dollars worth of inventory/stash distance, then dropped like 20 within an ac scratch and topped up some arks coins to continue hand for meseta pso2 hammering premium every 3 weeks.

Less than if I had purchased a brand new game every month that I've been playing PSO2 NA (because PC launch) but still more than I would have spent a normal brand new title.

Closer to whale than to free, but I am not whaling heh. I played entirely free in jp for a lot of years, then figured out how I could bill AC through PSO2es the phone game, so got enough for inventory space and superior on that. Definitely didn't whale there either.

I am loving the game so much myself. I have just been playing lightly though (nearly lvl 50). The one thing I've been tempted to invest money on was storage, quest slots, and being able to market in the marketplace. The makeup are strong too, but I haven't been tempted to purchase those. You can totally enjoy the sport

You can cut back the amount drastically although you definitely cant kill them. 1 technique is to disallow chat until you reach a certain level. It's easy and productive. With bots, it is all about rate of consideration diversion for spamming, so gating the chat to a level would kill a lot of those.

If only the Fresh Finds Tradable Bugged Things be removed from the Player shops and that we could have appropriate moderation for deleting spam bots or a bot evaluation tool to prevent a character's action or bot script be something, and maybe some better ways to make meseta without whaling. The match will be just right where the sweet spot is.

Phantasy Star Online 2's British version has generated 1.5B Yen up to now (~$14M) based on the company's earnings report.

That's the complete for Sega's recently released F2P games during that age, and PSO2 was Sega's only newly released F2P game which quarter, therefore it's 100% PSO2 revenue.

It is confusing with the paragraph under the table That's talking about projected revenue for cheap PSO2 Meseta the season: