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Can Eve Echoes be friendlier to players than EVE Online?

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EVE Online players often engage in large scale battles that are not available in other matches. What about eve echoes isk? The accent is on the branch of conflicts into the battles of several units, and not on large-scale battles, where everyone is at one point. Players themselves decide which strategy to choose. But we will listen to what our players are telling us.

Building will soon be accessible into the New Eden universe's colonialists on mobile devices. Yes, outposts will seem like strongholds. Nevertheless, the main difference is that independent players will control the outposts, while the strongholds belong to corporations and alliances. We wish to give gamers more freedom and opportunities in the Eve Echoes.

Can Eve Echoes be friendlier to players than EVE Online? We give resources to lone players so that they can stay in sectors with zero security. Players pick how to perform with them. We only give them. Is PvP ban in security sectors that are large closing? Did not think to cancel it? Right now, we wish to leave everything as it is, because we want high-security businesses to be safer for gamers than in the EVE Online. But we're available to our players and of course we'll take into consideration their view.

Prepare some mechanisms that are not in EVE Online? Yes, of course content has been prepared by us for the players, but the chief job of Eve Echoes would be to correctly convey the gambling adventure of EVE Online. What about the supply model? Will Eve Echoes be free? What items can players purchase for real money? Eve Echoes will be liberated, and gamers, in turn, will be able to purchase omega-clones, customization components and plexes, such as ship skins. Now we are actively working on distributing Eve Echoes into Russian and now we have staff in our team who monitor the quality of the translation and also assist us.

Following this brief interview, I had the impression that the developers want to transfer EVE Online to cellular devices as accurately as possible and intend to listen to this community of gamers. I would like to thank NetEase Games for the chance and to find the answers to EVE Mobile ISK our own queries.