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Gatekeeping people from playing their friends its not the way

Gatekeeping people from playing their friends its not the way


Honestly think that it's a problem beyond 2k. This may happen with any other game that has micro-transactions. Glad you care, and I'm not sure exactly how close you are with your nephew, but maybe instilling notions of the MT 2K21 importance of money in your nephew will repair the matter at its core. This is easier said than done, but teaching him the worth and significance of money would then allow him to make responsible decisions, and personal splurging on a NBA 2K21 game. Sorry if that is obscure, but I think you gotta fix the root problem rather than handling spending along with a new game will probably be his 2k. Hope it goes well.

I may purchase NBA 2K21 myself to rub it in his face about how he shouldve saved and invest any amount of money towards the new game if turns out to be greater than the games. Props for this mindset. It is about fiscal responsibility, and personal liability, although it's a tough lesson to learn occasionally. If it is not 2k, there'll always be something or someone seeking to hustle him.I dont have children (10 nieces and nephews) but that I see this type of thing all over. This may be one of those life lessons he has to learn the hard way. I know a lot of people struggle with this type of thing out of high school with credit cards and you just need to learn the dollar's value and learn self control. I like your idea here and perhaps this will help him see that the value of saving money for the things you want.

Props for making him work for it. Putting in some work that is fair some other posts and I agree that it is his money and he will spend it the way he wants. Best of luck.i imply, if you are a 2K player already and not just someone seeing to say this, you could likely kill two birds with one stone -- make a construct when he can, grind it out with himtoss in VC stimulation packs once the grind starts getting absolutely horrible to reveal him if it's acceptable. (I hate paying progress and my build lends itself nicely to getting a lot of VC, but I would be lying if I mentioned buying 75k would not bail me out of the 85 OVR hell I am in right now)

Yeah, playing with the AI in NBa NBA 2K21 games is a little dull but I feel like you gotta nip the ideology at the bud. Just teach them the grind will help. Essentially revealing is currently gon na than adding vc into his stat assist more. Funny thing is that I don't even play 2k all that far. The previous one I truly player was 2k16 since imo it's a seems like a waste of investment purchasing each ontop of needing to buy VC to keep up with everyone else. Plus I am old school. Because that is all I did back in the 17, I really don't mind playing against AI.We Are too scared to play comp

Gatekeeping people from playing their friends its not the way. Guru am as of right now gives any reason to play. No wages and it takes a bit to hunt the majority of the opportunity to face a team of Buy NBA 2K21 MT all celebrities or all rookies that get blown out. You hit on pro - bronze and you finds games just at times. All this am that are hard. Not letting parties in rec ruins the enjoyment for people who find fast games while playing casually and like playing with their friends in rec.