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Living The Storm.

This is a small sample of my original blog.


My blog Living the Storm is a life style blog.

It is often updated, with little tidbits about life stories, beliefs, and other things that matter.

The basis of Living The Storm, is an encouragement and awareness blog, to help people who are going through the storms of life, to be survivors and to keep Living, no matter how hard it gets.

On my blog which is actually hosted by BlogSpot,  you will find featured posts such as Awareness for NSA (Neonatal Substance Abuse), Information on Vaccines, toxins, and other lifestyle awareness.

You will also find many posts on living your best Christian/Spiritual life; including a few fun quizzes!

I have gone through several blogs in my time, some of which died on the vine, but with prayers and hard work, i am hoping Living The Storm, might be the one that sticks.




Ashley Ford 3 years ago


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