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We conclude that Agility is an OSRS GP important skill to have. The higher levels of Agility when graceful set-ups can help us not run out of energy. This will not only be an extremely beneficial way to get through the towns, but for training skills too. Because running is what is done every single time we play RuneScape the ability to run with agility is absolutely worth learning.

For those who want to learn more about other skill guides and best routes to reach 99 in different skills like Slayer, Hunter, Herblore Mining, Attack, Crafting, Construction, or any other, you can check out our skill guide which contains information on all the other subjects.

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Cooking is one of the most basic skills you can learn within Oldschool RuneScape. All you require to begin building a foundation is a fire, or a cooking range and the food you'd like to make. Within this OSRS Cooking Guide, you can learn everything crucial. Since the skill of cooking in OSRS is deeply connected to Fishing, most of the times , Fish are the most delicious kind of food that you can make both for pleasure and for profit.

Cooking is also a good ability to learn old school runescape buy gold using your mobile. In this guide we will discuss every cooking method which are employed for money making, as well as those methods of training which are done in a straight line to reach 99 Cooking as quickly as is possible. There are many tips and tricks of gaining knowledge of cooking, and pick the method which are the most appropriate for your needs.